2020 Credit

Curators of the exhibition Shulamit Nos Vera Filpol

Exhibition selling artwork for at-risk youth

More than 330,000 children in the geographical and social periphery of the State of Israel are growing up without opportunities and tools to grow and realize their potential. 350 Future Trustees across the country are working daily to change this reality.

The Israeli Spirit supports the "Opening Futures" program founded by the Jewish Agency, a program designed for children in grades 2-8 that works to promote children and youth in the periphery.

The program provides these children with an overall support envelope, through the integration of the “significant adult” in their lives, known as the “Loyalist”. The role of the trustees employs exceptional young people, members of the communities in which the program operates. The trustees receive professional training and close guidance throughout their period of work and gain experience in therapeutic and community work. Many of them choose to stay in the professional field and in the locality, after completing the position, usually in educational or therapeutic positions and continue to contribute and empower the community.

Each trustee works full-time with 16 children at risk, and accompanies them in all areas of life: personal, family, academic and social. The program works to make social services and resources available in the community accessible, encourages family involvement in the change process, empowers children’s parents, through personal mentoring and enrichment workshops, and harnesses the entire community to create a supportive and proactive educational environment.