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2018    'The Collection 33-97', Bezalel, Jerusalem. Curator: Vered Hadad.


Exhibition 33/97

The exhibition 33/97 presents 97 works by artists who have emerged from the Department of Art at the Bezalel Academy; students, graduates, lecturers, and department heads from the last four decades. The common feature of the exhibited works is that besides originating from a shared educational framework, they were all given to Einat Eshad Ifergan, the department coordinator for 33 years (1985-2018).

This exhibition is a continuation of the exhibition 28/61, which was displayed in 2013 at the Koresh 14 Gallery.

Curator: Vered Haddad

Participating artists: Leah Avital, Larry Abramson, Itzik Edrei, Daniel Oxenberg, Matia Oren, Liel Ifergan, Maya Elran, Tal Engelstein, Liron Enkawa, Liat Aradberg, Yael Arnon, Einat Eshad Ifergan, Yaron Atar, Michael Ben-Abo, Dedi Ben-Shaul, Michael Beck, Adi Bar, Ido Bar-El, Vadim Brusilov, Michael Gdalyovitz, Abed Golani, Maya Gold, Adva Goldstone, Hagit Ganini, Bar Greenstein, Drora Domini, Roni Doron, Aamer Darbas, Tamar Hirschfeld, Michal Helfman, Renan Harari, Shir Wertheim, Vered Haddad, Eli Horesh, Ron Chen, Aila Tutah, Zvi Tolkovsky, Unknown, Shosh Israeli, Shebetz Cohen, Alexa Cohen, Pinchas Cohen-Gan, Tony Lisyenko, Eyal Magnus, Almog Naaman, Avi Nevo, Lihi Neiditch, Shai Nir, Ori Segal, Yotam Sivan, Yehudit Sasportes, Noga Sefer, Moti Assor, Anna-Clara Folt-Mintz, Eli Petel, Martha Pirer, Omri Fisher, Eliyahu Tzuchida, Anat Kinan, Yanina Kantor, Yosef Krispel, Yonatan Ron, Vania Shaub, Guy Shom, Yifat Shoham, Maya Schindler, Aina Shani, Tsufit Sharon.


Description of the Artwork – Rembrandt / Untitled

In this exhibition, I presented a single painting in acrylic and oil on canvas, which I created at the end of my second year in the Bachelor's degree program at Bezalel. In this piece, I explored the relationship of colors on exposed canvas and expressed my interest in materiality. I chose to depict the figure of Rembrandt in shades of blue and purple. This work is part of the Einat Eshad collection.

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