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2020    Credit, Exhibition selling artwork for at-risk youth, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shulamit Nos, Vera Filpol.

Art Sale Exhibition for At-Risk Youth - "Point of Merit"


Organizer: The Israeli Spirit


Curators: Shulamit Nos, Vera Pilpol

Exhibition Description: The art sale exhibition "Point of Merit" is organized by The Israeli Spirit to raise awareness and funds to support activities for at-risk children and youth. The exhibition showcases a wide range of artworks by Israel's finest artists - established artists alongside the younger generation, including graduates from top art schools such as Bezalel, the Midrasha, Shenkar, Minshar, and others.

Artworks I Exhibited:

Untitled / Traveler in the Valley, 2020

Dimensions: 40X40 cm

Technique: Painting, Pilot pen, acrylic, and oil paint on round canvas.

Personal Experience: Participating in this exhibition was a significant experience for me, as it allowed me to contribute my art to a noble cause and help at-risk children and youth. I am proud to be part of an initiative that connects the world of art with important social action.

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