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202   'Afula-Thirst Beach', project; A fantasy in a varietye ,Afula, Curator: Oz Zloof.

My installation evokes a fantasy inspired by places where I have lived in the Jezreel Valley, depicting a meeting and recreational space akin to a seaside. I am presenting two bodies of work - one focused on an imagined place and the other consisting of sketches and paintings of existing locations: the Beit Zinger boarding school where I grew up, Kfar Yehezkel, Afula, and Kibbutz Geva.

In my abstract depictions of places, I strive to achieve a poetic reduction between line and stain on linen canvas.

Alongside these, I present a series of works created through contemplation of music, painting, and environmental sculpture. At the heart of this process is a fantasy about the human meeting point - a place for the individual and the soul, a safe haven. The imagery is born from wandering and adolescent experiences in the valley, incorporating minimalist architecture with sculptural elements derived from the forms of musical instruments.

The fantasy is displayed on and around a wooden table.

The fantasy I created is set in the Jezreel Valley, like a local seaside a place where people meet and enjoy the moment.

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