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2024: "Tolman's - Fresh Paint"; Integration of Artworks in Space and Exposure, Bnei Brak, Halhavi
Street. Curators: Yafa Gorion, Raz Shapira.

The Fresh Paint and Tollman's Initiative

The new initiative by Tollman's and Fresh Paint is naturally and necessarily aimed at connecting design and art.

Tollman's is a home for international design brands that promote design culture in Israel. At the same time, the Fresh Paint art fair discovers and reveals the next generation of Israeli artists, supporting their activities through its Artists' Greenhouse program.

Together, they advance both fields - art and design - understanding that they are intertwined, complement each other, and expand the boundaries of our world. Art completes home design, bringing character, unique personality, and soul.

I am presenting five unique works in this exhibition, including a treated ready-made sculpture, two prints from an early edition, and oil paintings.

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