Special Edition 2020 Fresh Paint

BFA graduate and current MFA student at Bezalel. Participated in group exhibitions at Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery and The New Gallery Artists' Studios Teddy. A multidisciplinary artist, Beck’s works include sculptures, readymade objects, drawings and installations. Through these mediums he wishes to speak to the viewer’s emotional core, inviting one to give into the work and undergo a profound experience. Embedded into his process are biographical events, and his point of departure is a geographic and emotional space that is constantly transforming, following the artist’s nomadic existence both as a child and now as an adult. His journey to find a home is incomplete, and it is now present in his works and in the motivation to produce them. This is a search for a physical, geographical place, as well as a sense of cultural belonging and identity. Using certain materials or found objects, Beck seeks to mediate these specific experiences, acknowledging that each material and object have their own distinct qualities. Thus, he tends to use local materials (wood, fabrics and industrial materials) which he collects in his wanderings, and many of his sculptures include sounds that the artist creates and embeds within the object.


Mixed media / 30x40x114 cm, 2020

Editions available: 1



Mixed media / 20x69cm, 2020

Editions available: 1