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3D Environmental sculpture

Environmental Sculpture - Artworks in Public Spaces

Welcome to the page showcasing my environmental sculpture works. Here you can explore a variety of installations born from inspiration and a deep connection to the environment, derived from my previous creations

Title: The Place

Year: 2024

Technique: 3D rendering of the location, involving the process of model building and applying textures using various software.

Description: This project is evolving from processes of sketching and painting, combined with sculptural elements from the past. The idea for such a place emerged from reflecting on my creations and where they could lead. Consequently, I thought of Dani Karavan's work "White Square." Thoughts about my sculpture, along with an interest in wandering and the concept of place, sparked my imagination to create a personal meeting point that reflects the place I come from

Title: Untitled

Year: 2024

Technique: 3D Visualization


A 3D visualization of an environmental sculpture intended for the city of Ashdod. This sketch is part of an artistic proposal for a new sculpture project in the city.

Works of art that combine different media and sometimes a combination of them

Name of work: Untitled
Year of creation: 2020
Size of the artwork format: 37.5X37.5 cm

Description of the creative process and technique:
Relief print on art paper, framed.

Number of copies in the edition: 6-6

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