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Photo: Oleg Alon Murevich

Michael Beck

Born in Afula, Israel, 1989
lives and works in Herzliya.

Born in Afula in 1989 and currently lives and creates in a studio in Herzliya. Beck graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in the art department at "Bezalel". Michael Beck is a multidisciplinary artist, who mainly deals with sculpture, ready-made, drawing and photography. In his works, he wants to create a strong emotional experience for the viewer and a deep devotion to the space he creates.

Beck's creative process is a product of events in his personal life. Through visual images, he tries to reveal his perspective on these personal experiences. Therefore his main concern is with Ready Mead, as they come with their history, but he does not adhere to any specific material. The choice of material is made following a specific experience that he wishes to convey to the viewer.

In 2019 he presented his graduate exhibition, "Between a Person and a Place". The exhibition required a high sensitivity from the viewer, lest it be read as the artist's interest in clean and calculated formalism, a lyrical work that violates known practices from the art world in favor of an intimate message that is the complete opposite of formalism; The basic, chose, led, and Beck charges polished form in childhood and youth which are not schematic at all. Viewing the work is an experience of an inverted poem in which Beck invites us to find points of contact with him and creates fo - and for him - a place to stay, a space to walk in.

Another exhibition in 2021 - "ManStringgh a String" reveals the depth of Beck's works by revealing the accompanying challenge of his life. Through the archetype of the house, Beck reveals the process he goes through during all the years of his life, and in fact, from the dawn of his family's history - in Morocco to his place of residence. Home is sublime for him, something that is hard to aspire to when wandering. The house has an abstract form that characterizes Beck's body of work. Sound segments that wander between a window and a door, and again to another window, were edited and integrated into the works. Another work in space, an oil on linen technique, represents an opaque window where the light rises and is revealed through the surface of the paint. The set of works also deals with a dynamic dialogue between types of string elements, Bass guitar, and acoustic guitar.



2015 - 2019   BFA - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. 

2019 - 2021  MFA - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. 


2016  Award In the name of Ebert and Bentley Jurgenson, IL.

2017  Award, The Jerusalem Foundation, IL.

2017  Award Study tour in New York, Aileen S. Cooper, NY.

2019  Lorraine and Mitchell Presser Award for Excellence in Painting.



2017   'Components', the new gallery Teddy, Jerusalem. Curator: Yochai Avrahami.

2018    'The Collection 33-97', Bezalel, Jerusalem. Curator: Vered Hadad.

2019    'Not Before 11', Zoe Gallery, ZOA House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Doron Polek.

2019    Hanina Gallery,  Tel Aviv. 

2019     Aroma Art , Jerusalem. Curator: Einav Burns-Eliasov.

2019     'Between Man and Place', Final Exhibition Bezalel, Jerusalem. Curator: Meltz Peter Jacob,  Gordon Irena.

2020     Special Edition 2020 Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yifat Gurion, Raz Shapira.

2020     'Credit', Exhibition selling artwork for at-risk youth, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shulamit Nos, Vera Filpol.

2021    'A Man Through A String', mixed media, Master's Program in Fine Arts (M.F.A) Graduate Exhibition, Curator: Prof. Dor Guez.

2022    'Afula-Thirst Beach' project; A fantasy in a varietye ,Afula, Curator: Oz Zloof.

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